Friday, 21 December 2007

Taken in Hand

It's confession time, everyone. There's an important reason why I started this blog and invited you all to read it. Hopefully you can read this without judging and understand why Patrick and I wanted you to know about this.

There are some aspects of my relationship with my husband that some you have admitted to finding a little strange. But you don't know the whole truth about it. You know that I have a habit of agreeing with Patrick, and turning to him for guidance. I did, after all, take a vow to love, honour and (shock horror!) obey him.

The truth is that I have given myself, mind, body and soul, to him and I have great faith in his judgement. This means that I accept his will and, when necessary, his discipline. Yes, you read that right. If I do something wrong or behave badly I fully expect Patrick to turn me over his knee and promptly administer physical punishment. We don't just do it for kicks though like other couples might; it's the discipline itself which is an important part of our relationship.

I'm going to leave it there for now. Patrick thought it was important for me to put it out there, anyway. So there it is. Hopefully some of you will give us your feedback on how you feel about us having this kind of dynamic in our relationship in this day and age. I'll post more about it later and try to address any issues or concerns that crop up.